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AI Powered Document Verification Solutions

Automate your document verification with state of the
art identity verification solution powered by AI


Easy-to-use dashboard


Document fraud detection


Fast & accurate checks


Access to 150+ APIs

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What PiChain can do for your Business?

Select from over 50+ pre-made products that match your requirements,
and only pay for the features your business needs.

Supplier Onboarding

Supplier Onboarding

Ready to use Supplier Onboarding Solution, do KYC/KYB, check credit history. analyse bank statement, compliance check.

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Home Loan Platform

Home Loan Platform

Platform Specifically designed for Home loan needs, verify client details. Automate credit check, salary check. document verification

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Investor Sanity Check

Investor Sanity Check

Background Verification Platform for Investors, Automate Investor Onboarding journey.

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Background Check Solution

Background Check Solution

Holistic Background Check Solution for Employee Verification, Vendor Onboarding etc

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Investor Due Diligence Platform

Investor Due Diligence Platform

Automate Due Diligence of Startup founders with Pichain Platform, faster onboarding with no error.

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Automobile Solution Design

Automobile Solution Design

Customised Solution for Automobile Industry with our Vehicle verification and Driving Licence APIs

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Bank Statement Analyser

Bank Statement Analyser

Analyse Bank Statements, check Monthly and Average Balance, analyse statement with multiple parameters

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Company Verification

Company Verification

Automate Company Verification. Analyse GST Data. Company balance Sheets, profit and loss statements.

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Decrease in Operating Cost


in TAT


Decrease in rentention cost



Why Choose PiChain ?

1. Onboard More Customers

Make a great first impression using our Smart Capture SDK with automated identity verification

2. Navigate Compliance Mandates

Satisfy global and local regulatory compliance, including KYC, AML and age verification requirements. Satisfy global and local regulatory compliance, including KYC, AML and age verification requirements.

Onboard More Customers
Reduce Cost and Complexity

3. Reduce Cost and Complexity

Automate onboarding to reduce the cost of customer acquisition. It’s easy to orchestrate journeys that make verification simple

4. Seamless & Quick Deployment

Rapid implementation, thanks to a collection of pre-built architecture and cloud based delivery. It can be done with very less coding knowledge.

Our Process

Authenticate documents and verify your customers in just simple steps without breaking
a sweat and reduce your time-to-market from months to weeks

Assemble Features

Assemble Features

Pick & choose features from our AI platform. Submit the features, accept delivery, time and cost.

Track Development

Track Development

Track every step development, interact with developers through our 19*7 Support

Final Testing

Final Testing

Team PiChain does functional and non-functional testing for you . And make sure that product is bug free



We love to handhold you life time, incase you want to own the code and continue development inhouse, we provide free knowledge transfer

Our Pricing

We believe in Try Before You Buy policy. We offer Free API testing credits if you sign Up to test the
Rest API responses before you integrate it into your application.


Ready-to-use Pre-Packaged Solution

Rs. 10,000/- mo

✓ Access to 100+ Verification APIs

✓ Company Verification Solution

✓ Anti Money Laundering Solution

✓ Court Case/Police verification

✓ Bank Statement Analyser

✓ Standard Email & Phone Support

✓ 5000 Wallet Credits every month

✓ Customized Pricing Options

Great value


Our Al means you pay less and your price is guaranteed before you start!

Rs. 20,000/- mo

✓ Customised underwriting Process

✓ Drag and Drop the Services

✓ 80% reduction in Development Cost

✓ Managed – by your own

dedicated expert

✓ Delivery in 30 Days

✓ 10000 Wallet Credits every month

✓ Premium Support- 19’7


Scalable to any Limits. Own the Code, your Own Solution

Rs. 30,000/- mo

✓ Managed AWS hosting

✓ Custom features

✓ Transparent end-to-end process

✓ Customised Underwriting Solution

✓ Delivery in 60 Days

✓ Android and iOS App

✓ 24×7 Email and Phone Support

✓ Dedicated Account Manager

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