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Your financial insights are at your fingertips. Take control of your finances with our Bank Statement Analyser.

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Why Pichain ?

With PiChain's Bank Statement Analyser, you can say goodbye to the frustration of manual analysis and embrace the power of automation. Our cutting-edge technology seamlessly extracts key financial insights from your bank statements, providing you with a clear and concise overview of your spending habits, transaction patterns and overall financial health.

Our Features

Enhanced Cash Flow Visibility
Improved Budgeting and Forecasting
Uncover Hidden Savings Opportunities
Simplified Tax Preparation

Gain real-time insights into your cash flow with PiChain's comprehensive reporting capabilities. Track monthly and average balances, analyse transaction patterns and identify potential cash flow disruptions, enabling businesses to make proactive financial decisions.

PiChain's Bank Statement Analyser provides businesses with a clear picture of their financial history, enabling them to create accurate budgets and forecasts. By understanding past spending trends, businesses can make informed projections for future expenses and revenue.

PiChain's advanced analytics tools help businesses identify hidden savings opportunities by analysing spending patterns and identifying areas for optimisation. By streamlining expenses and optimising cash flow, businesses can boost their profitability.

PiChain's Bank Statement Analyser provides businesses with organised and categorised transaction data, making tax preparation a breese. Easily locate and export relevant transactions for tax purposes, saving time and ensuring accuracy.

Simple Steps to Get the PiChain
Background Check Solution


Sign up for an account.

Sign up for an account. Visit the PiChain website and create an account.



Add your companies

Add companies with the help of APIs. Once you have created an account, you can start adding your companies. 



Review and approve

Review and approve companies’ applications. Once your people have joined the PiChain platform, you can review companies’ applications and approve them.



PiChain supports a wide range of bank statements from major banks and financial institutions. We are constantly expanding our compatibility to ensure seamless integration with various financial platforms.

Your financial data is protected with the highest level of encryption and security protocols, ensuring your privacy and peace of mind. We adhere to strict data privacy regulations and never share your information with third parties.

PiChain utilises a combination of advanced machine learning algorithms and comprehensive categorisation rules to accurately categorise your transactions. We continuously refine our categorisation models to ensure the highest level of accuracy and relevance.

Yes, you can customise PiChain's categorisation rules to match your specific business needs and preferences. Our flexible categorisation system allows you to create custom categories and assign transactions accordingly.